Thursday, December 17, 2009

Snowflake garland...

I finally have pics to share of the snowflake garland I made thanks to Holly Jones. I think it turned out pretty neat! I thought it would be a good project for Hadley & I. She helped cut out the patterns, but the felt was a little stiff, so I did most of that. And I decided the hot glue was a little too hot & messy for a 4yo, so I did that part too. She gave great directions, and I think next time she'll be able to help even more! :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's not like I haven't been doing anything....

I mean, I have wasted a lot of time. But I've gotten a lot done & made some great memories with Hadley! Check out this gingerbread house. She picked the one she wanted to do & we went for it- not too shabby either! :)

This house was Cory's grandparents & has been living in our garage for several years 'cause it was yellowed & full of cobwebs, etc. So I vacuumed it out & got a lot of the old finish cleaned up. I used a wash of white to tone down the yellow of the years, added some brown to the doors & went to town with 3 types of glitter. Which totally don't show in the pic. It could still use more glitter, etc., but that's an outdoor project. Only so much of the spray adhesive I want to breathe.

And this is an apron I made for a dear, DEAR friend. And she loves things that are made. And I love her. Turquoise is her fave color- and who doesn't love damask. Seriously. And if you look close at the damask you'll see it's created by 2 bunnies. yep, it's darn cute. :)
And my amazing husband took me to Seattle last night to stay at the Westin. He's really fabulous. And since I've been working more (to fill in for a friend/coworker) he convinced me to buy some really cute Christmas cards. He knows I have the stuff, the intention, etc, etc, to make the cards, but we are coming down to the wire! He really wanted to lighten my load, and for that (as well as his amazing love & support in general) I am grateful!
OH. And I finished my snowflake garland- need to get some pics....
so see- I haven't JUST been sitting around! ;)