Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Snowflake tutorial!

Holly Jones has this tutorial on her blog- go check it out for the download!! :)
DIY Snowflake Garland

This snowflake Garland is very inexpensive and easy to make. You will need some "Stiff Felt" in white or your desired color, some ric rac or ribbon, sharp scissors, a hot glue gun, sequins, and a needle with thread.

1) CLICK HERE to Download and print this 2 page PDF file. this will be the pattern for your snowflakes.2) Cut out the paper snowflakes for a pattern.3) Trace Pattern onto some stiff felt.4) Cut snowflakes out of stiff felt.5) Use a hot glue gun to glue sequins or embellishments to the center of each snowflake.

6) Using white thread, hand sew each snowflake to ric rac or ribbon to make your snowflake garland.7) Find a fun place to hang your garland and enjoy!

*Note, snowflakes take a little time to cut out. I like to cut them while watching my favorite movie.
Please feel free to share my pictures and this tutorial with your friends. Please direct them to this website to download the snowflake patterns, as the pattern is not intended forre-distribution. Thanks!


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  2. This garland is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it!

  3. This is a beautiful pattern but the link to the pattern us no longer working.


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