Sunday, March 14, 2010

From Owl of Us...

Yes, it's true. I couldn't resist! I won this stamp from My Cute Stamps & needed to make a group birthday card. *giggle* And when I signed it, I also added "hope your birthday is a hoot". So incredibly corny. And yet, there it is!
PTI sentiment, but do you see that yummy pp & big red button? Jenni Bowlin. I *heart* it. :)
And I couldn't resist the glitter on his belly- also used a glaze pen on his eyes (her eyes?).
I also made (from scratch) MOCHA cupcakes for this event...go ahead and say "mmmmm". I'm going to go try one (I've been good all day!- but Cory says they're delightful- ok, he didn't use that word, but I liked the sound of it!)
AND, something that made me uber happy... I won the EBTKS challenge!! Yeehaa! There was so many wonderful entries, it is a HUGE honor to have been chosen!!!!
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  1. WooHoo! Congratulations on winning the challenge! I must say though, I am not the least bit surprised.

    As for today's card - that little owl is too cute. And mocha cupcakes - my mouth is watering. They sound super yummy.

    Hope you are in for a great week!

    PS: Thanks for the happy mail;)

  2. Oh this is too funny! Your choice of colors is amazing, I'm not sure if it is for a girl, boy, man, woman but I've got to tell ya, it would work for everyone! The owl is cute as well, and your handwriting-wow, so nice. I think I should take some penmanship classes. Congrats on your EbtKS win as well, (I think I commented on your fabulous balloon design?) it was SO well deserved.


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