Sunday, May 8, 2011

Moxie Hullabaloo!

I loved this trigger as soon as I saw it, but I admit, yesterday when I was at my LSS and SAW a piece of it in person- well I had to play!

Talk about literal!!! It was fun making this fabric my card base & adding different elements to change each one a little.

paired with fillable frames:

paired with enjoy the ride:

paired with just the ticket:

And this was what I was brought in bed this morning! All Hadley's idea, but Daddy helped with the execution....

I'm a very lucky Mommy!

I hope you've had a wonderful Mother's day! Don't forget to head over to Moxie Fab World to see the rest of the hullabaloo!!! :)


  1. No way! Love that fabric and your card variations. And what a sweet little gal you have in your home...

  2. How did you find the exact same fabric?? Okay, you me Ms. Literal girl, so cool!!! I think my favorite is the ticket one. And your croissant art is fabulous... I challenge you to turn it into a scrapbook page.

  3. Get out!! LOVE that you found the fabric - super cool cards!
    Your breakfast looks pretty sweet too - gotta love it when your baby makes you food - gotta EAT it ALL too!

  4. Hey Jen! I love that you used the actual fabric in this week's Tuesday Trigger as the base of your card! Thanks for joining in on all the fun! :)

  5. haha, i was staring at your lumpy bread and wondering what it was all about, didn't see the word mom!! So very sweet!
    great take on the moxie challenge, so funny that you found the print!

  6. I loooooove that you had fabric that matched the Tuesday Trigger! SOOOOOOOO fun! You nailed that challenge;)

    And oh my!! How sweet are your kids to bring you that late full of love today:) SOOOOOO sweet:) Happy (belated) Mother's Day!!

  7. Talking about dead ringer for a challenge! You are an overachiever!!! :-) Now onto the cutest thing for Mommy's Day! Love it! You are blessed!


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