Sunday, March 9, 2014

MIM: #154- Color & Texture for One Layer Cards

This week the challenge at MIM was to add color & texture to one-layer cards. 
I used chamomile stamped off with the embellishments set & it's still a bit too dark for the look I was going for. A couple different greens for the leaves, a little ink spatter & an embossed frame around the sentiment.
I was supposed to be getting my taxes ready- at least it was creative procrastination!
Friday was a spirit day at school- a 'read-in' in honor of Dr.Seuss's birthday- Hadley wore her jammies & the entire class was surprised to find their teacher had taken nearly all of the furniture out & replaced it with tents for the day! It.Was.AWESOME.
Had's teacher makes ME want to be in third grade!!!
Here's the door to their class: 

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