Sunday, June 6, 2010

Better late than never....

Every year we (Hadley & I) take some pics around her birthday- our own little photo shoot, if you will. Now, this isn't the final shoot, because we also ALWAYS incorporate balloons (ie 5 balloons for her 5th birthday). You'll see- there are no balloons in these pics. So we are not done, but I thought this year we'd have 2 mini sessions- so I don't burn her out!!! :)
I love how her little foot is a bit out of her shoe on this one:

This next one is one of my faves....

I am:

I think I may have mentioned how much I love this little person?! :)


  1. Cindy HolshouserJune 7, 2010 at 2:06 PM

    She is sure a great little poser for the camera. My favorite is the sepia one. So darling Jen.

  2. Found you on MME blog - You have such a cute blog! And I am loving some of your projects! :)

  3. Came back to comment as when this was posted my blogger was crazy. She is beautiful! And what a wonderful idea to use the baloons to represent the years. You are so very creative, and a wonderful photographer by the looks of it!

  4. Love the awesome photos! Love your card below too! I've been using nail polish for about a year now! I love it!!! :D

  5. What a doll! I think you both are very lucky to have each other. I love that picture of her holding the clover. All of the pictures are beautiful!

  6. ohhh she's beautiful! is she going to Kindergarten next fall? we are getting ready for Kati to go, but i'm not quite ready for her to leave me yet!

    thanks so much for your note on my blog today! getting older is hard, isn't it?! ha


  7. Fabulous photos, I love that last one, very lucky indeed!! Thanks for your comments on my blog it always makes my day!!

  8. What a cutie, and what great pictures!

    I saw your comment on Kim's blog and am super interested in your tortilla soup recipe. Could you email that to me? It's Shauna at lilduckiearts dot com.
    Thanks Jen!

  9. She is such a cutie - the polka dot dress is lovely and you're right, she's a natural little poser (the foot out of the shoe) =)

  10. Those are too cute. I just love the VERY LUCKY one. So sweet.


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