Thursday, June 24, 2010

They don't all work out...

The way you picture them in your head. I can't be alone on this.
This one was to be a congratulations card to my in-laws for purchasing another boat. (My husband has been a boater since he was about 3 years old- our daughter has him beat at 4 months.) So I really wanted to use that sentiment. You're going to need to squint. Yep, it's tiny. But still, I stuck with it.
Then I wanted colors that would be appropriate. Check.
Thought text on brown wrapping paper would be cool. Probably would be if I'd used a darker ink....

I probably should have kept this one to myself- but I gave it to them & they liked it. So putting it here isn't any worse, right? (that's rhetorical!)

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. oh I agree whole-heartedly. In fact, very rarely does anything I do end up looking like I imagined!
    And I even have a blog post written (in my head only at this point!) for next week called 'a hit and a miss' because I also think that the things you learn from the mistakes are just as important as the beautiful masterpieces where everything goes according to plan.

    PS. Love the card you emailed me. Love it to bits. It will be absolutely perfect for my Jolly June Challenge if you want to enter it?! You've got a bit of time still so go for it I say!


    PPS. Thanks for your ongoing kind words and comments on my blog. Sincerely appreciated.


  2. I appreciate you showing this on your blog even though it might not be your favorite. I enjoy the card. It is full of little details. Its masculine in nature which are always hard and I love to see how other people do them. I like the subtle stars stamped in the background against the darker blue compass. Love the torn brown wrapping paper and the distressed edges. And they liked it which makes the effort worth it!

  3. I think this creation is GREAT!!!!! Very cool design...I am soooo with you, I have many cards that I visualize different...I think it is something all crafters deal with..LOL!! But your card is FANTASTIC!!!!

  4. I can tell it's there, just faint. I like it. And the stars in the background are super cute. What set is that?
    I bet they loved it!

  5. I think you have a way of turning something simple (brown paper) into something wonderful (a thoughful card for your inlaws!) I'm sure they loved it!!!


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