Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January 2012 PTI blog hop

I'm soooo late getting this up. I've been without power more than with it for the last week. I am not a fan.
This month the challenge was to pick a fave from last year, repost it & CASE it. I worked by the daylight given & ended up with two cards to share!
This is one of my faves from last year- it was for my daughter's 6th birthday! :) 
 I had to go from memory on this, but I remembered the basic layout. I didn't have power, so you can't see the mendhi medallion that would've been embossed in white if I'd had that luxury. heh.
 The ribbon is May Arts crinkle in ivory- I've swiped my ink pad across the whole thing- love it.
 There's a second vellum butterfly underneath- hard to see, I know.
Here's the second card I was inspired by:
This one is not only a fave just because I loved the way it turned out, but also because it was the one that garnered that coveted Moxie Fab badge in the sidebar!
Here's the CASE. Try as I might, I couldn't talk myself into adding glitter to this. Trust me, I did try!

 Here's a pic of a Japanese maple and a Blue Atlas Cedar in our backyard from a few days ago. That beauty that enveloped the trees became so destructive in such a short time. The South Puget Sound region literally looks like a war zone with broken trees of all shapes & sizes EVERYWHERE. So sad. Breaks my tree-lovin' heart. It also left us without power for 86 hours. We got it back for almost 2 days before losing it again last night until RIGHT NOW. Mother Nature has been quite cruel this winter.
Enough of my whining. Thanks for stopping by! Hope you're enjoying the hop!


  1. Love these... and man I need to CASE the bottom one, CAS perfection-- and the original house card is proudly displayed over here :)

  2. Hi, seattleite. both cards are gorgeous.

  3. Oh, I can feel your pain in losing the tree! One year we had a severe ice storm in Houston and we lost a wonderful tree in our back yard. So sorry about not having power. Your cards are gorgeous! You really know how to make ribbon a beautiful accent...somehow mine just ends up looking stuck on my card! lol

  4. I just cannot believe you guys lost power again...good grief!

    Gorgeous seeing them being your own them ALL.

  5. Sheesh, that is a loooooong time without power! I think your cards are fabulous, all of them! You made some pretty great changes, yet still kept true to the wonderful original cards.

  6. Love all your cards. The first two are so dainty & feminine. You did an awesome job casing your first card. Couldn't imagine being inspired without power.

  7. I don't think I would be a very good sport without power that long! Hard to stay warm too with all that going on!

    Two recreated beauties!

  8. Pure delight all around! NICE WORK!!!

  9. Once it is spring and summer the trees will look normal again and you will kinda forget about the storm until fall and all the broken limbs show back up - sad!!
    Love your cards!! BTW - I never noticed until now the glittery snow on the top of your Moxie Fab house - I was always stuck on the gorgeous red glitter!

  10. You went to town with this challenge! The second set of cards are really cute, but the first two...W..O...W!!! Simply de-vine!

  11. Well, it was a real joy to look through these cards. Each one stands tall all by itself! Love the Moxie Fab winner. (I'm a glittery kinda girl) but there is no way you should have added glitter to the coffee cup! You used just the right amount of everything in each example.

  12. It was a treat to look through these cards. Each one is a shining example all by itself. I'm glad you didn't add glitter to the coffee cup, but it is perfect on the Moxie Fab winner! Great job all the way around.

  13. OH MY! I am in LOOOOOOOOOVE with all of these cards--beautiful papers and ribbons...and I LOVE those colors too!! BEAUTIFUL!


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