Thursday, December 30, 2010

December pics....

This post is as close to a December Daily as I'll get this year. And it's really just for me to look back at a great month- and take joy in remembering these days & moments!

ok- so these 1st 2 are technically from November- but the first one is one we included in our cards this year- Cory's suggestion!
And this is one of all the kids (Had & her cousins)

At our guild Christmas party:

look at the little skater! She's pretty adamant about not liking falling on her bottom though!

Our little ballerina's first recital!
her daddy brought her flowers & I think that was the highlight for her!

My parents took us all to the Nutcracker- I snapped a couple quick pics before we went in...

Our girl has ALWAYS loved the guy in the big red suit!

peaking under the calendar!

helping me make peppermint bark- she was insistent on making it since she knows how much Papa loves it!

our gingerbread house....

reading the 'Twas the night before Christmas' on Christmas eve- doesn't that dog complete the family?

reading a note from Santa

such a lucky girl to get EXACTLY what she asked for (Kit Kittredge & a chew toy for Cosmo!)
Christmas day at Papa & Nana's- Papa with his girls!

Crafting with the new 'loom'- she separated the loops into piles herself. She doesn't need ANY help from me on the OCD front!
(and yes, that is an eye cover for sleeping with a penguin face on it!!!!)

And a last peak at the tree- going for the blurred lights effect....

We've had a wonderful year! Hope you have too!!!
Hope 2011 brings JOY!!!!! to all!


  1. love the pictures of your sweet (and sometimes cheeky!!!) little girl. Thanks for the little peek into your Christmas. Looks like you all enjoyed yourself thoroughly.
    Have a happy New Year too :-)

  2. Looks like a wonderful holiday!!!

  3. Had is so cute! I usually craft in my jammies with my eye cover on too - who doesn't?!


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