Thursday, December 16, 2010

Teacher gifts...and Sneaky!

Today was Hadley's last day of school- hooray for Christmas vacation! :)
I wanted to do teacher gifts that she could be a part of, so here's what we did:

That's some yummy peppermint candied popcorn! Had & I made it last night using the recipe on Mish's blog, but eighteen25 posted one today that is almost the same, but looks more festive.
The ornaments are glittered on the inside. I saw this on the Memory Box blog, and honestly had VERY good intentions of letting Had help me. In the interest of time & full disclosure however, I did them myself. Maybe next year.
I used my nesties to cut some MME yummy glitter paper for the topper on the popcorn. Easy peasy.
I'm sure you spied that fab May Arts ribbon on the ornaments.... *happy sigh*
She has several teachers & support staff that we gave these too, but HER kindergarten teacher loves Starbucks.... Don't you love how cute the gift card looks embellished with the May Arts glitter velvet ribbon & pom-poms?

All packaged up:

Yep, more yummy May Arts....
Does anyone else have an elf visiting this month? This is the first year he's come to our house, which means we had to name him this year too. Hadley chose Sneaky, since he snuck up on her. I thought it was pretty appropriate!
Yesterday he landed in her stocking when he came back from visiting Santa- and she was so tickled about it, I had to grab a pic. Of course, I didn't think to get it when it was daylight.... owell.
You can also see the vintage church that Cory's grandpa built & I restored last year on our mantle. I do love it's glittery old-ness! There's a light that is supposed to illuminate it from the inside, but I took it out because it still had the original electrical cord- the type that are fabric & frayed since they were probably from the 1940's.... Haven't replaced it yet, but I dig it as is....

I don't know about you, but I've got lots on my plate right now- haven't had time to participate in my regular challenges!!! I miss it!
Thanks so much for stopping by- what do you do for teacher gifts?


  1. Delightful gifts. Our elf's name is Petree, and he does a great job.

  2. Cute card and I LOVE how you decorated the bag!! This is a great gift!

  3. Great teachers gift!!! The peppermint popcorn sounds yummy and the bag is so pretty.

  4. Great teachers gift!!! The peppermint popcorn sounds yummy and the bag is so pretty.

  5. Sadly, the days of teacher gifts are long gone for me. I do miss them. I'm sure that Hadley's teachers/staff loved their gifts.

    How lucky you are to have decorations made by Cory's grandfather. Very special!

    I hope that you are getting everything crossed off of your holiday to do list.


  6. Your blog is so fun! I love your style! My kids named our elf, "Fred". Don't know why! This is the third year our elf has come to watch over us. This year however, my son saw one for sale at Barnes and Noble and asked all sorts of questions! He's 9 and still believes!


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