Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Erin go bragh!

just a quick pop in to show the little pins I made for St. Paddy's day!
My friend Charlene gave me this idea- had to make one for Hadley!
ETA- Charlene's friend Steph was the origination of the cute shamrock...!

here's the back-

and here's the one I made for myself & Had's teacher!

speaking of burnt flowers- the 'best of week' is going on at May Arts- you may want to head over there to check it out- might be worth your while.. *wink, wink!*

and here's my little supervisor- I was trying to get some measurements in our yard, but had to abandon the effort- as you may have guessed- due to rain!
That's it for now! Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. I already posted my love on your best of post... such a cute little St Patrick's day goodie.... Are you sure you don't want to open an Etsy shop?

  2. Both perfect goods for St. Patrick's Day! The first so festive and fun, the second so elegant and beautiful.

  3. Love it GF!! I have to point out that the original idea was not mine at all but my wonderful friend Steph's. Here's her's little shamrock cutie!

    p.s...LOVE the green flower broach!!

  4. Something very different - a wonderful creative idea!

  5. Found you through the Embellish magazine blog :-) I love all your handmade embellishments in this post. Might have to try to recreate some of my own :-)


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