Tuesday, March 1, 2011

If I show you how behind I am

will it motivate me to scrap? Seriously. These are the last pages I've completed- and I haven't scrapped anything in a year. You'll notice the date on these is 2006. Seriously? Where did all those years disappear to? And what happened to my baby?

Nothing too crazy- all MME paper/journaling spot. I had to ink up the underlying page (creative memories album) since the pretty paper has a deco. edge.

I did some hand-stitching as well as machine stitching- that was a first for a page...

and this is the other page- photos all taken at the same time- and while the pages aren't the same, they're still matchy-matchy. How am I going to get over that?

ok. I put it out there. mostly as a challenge to myself to get some pics done & document some memories. Lordy knows they're fading all too quickly...


  1. Must be something in the water that extend cross country-this disease that makes our babies grow up way to fast. Great challenge to partake, I wish I had enough gumption.

  2. Oh, and I forgot to mention the most important thing: Hadley, you are a-dor-able!

  3. Such a sweet page for a sweet little one! Love the stitching. :o)

  4. The baby pics are sooo darling! I hear ya on where did the time go? I get so sad when I see my kids' baby pics because it seems so long ago..even though they are just 21 months and 4 yrs old. Hope you get to scrapping again soon.

  5. I'm sorry to say that I'm joining you on this challenge (I know, can you believe it!). But Hadley was super cute, and I'm sure she'd LOVE to show her family awesome pages of her life as a little person, so get crafting, you've got some ground to cover.

  6. So adorable! She is going to treasure this one day! I can't wait to see more!


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