Saturday, June 18, 2011

I have a first grader!

Today was Hadley's last day of kindergarten. How did that happen?
 We made these little tags & attached them with small clothespins, covered with May Arts 1/4" silk.
 I also sprayed them with some shimmer, but hard to tell in these pics. Fence & stamps PTI
 We potted pretty petunias in peat pots, so her tags were fitting...
 Yesterday was field AND twin day- aren't they cheeky? :)
 One last picture of Mama with her kindergartener.
 I'm thrilled with how much she's blossomed, but wish time would hold still for just a bit....
Man, I love this little person.


  1. Congratulations Hadley, for becoming a first grader! Woo-hoo! What a fabulous idea, I'm bookmarking it for next year. I think the pots and tags are so very pretty!

  2. The tags are gorgeous! Yah for Hadley, I bet she is excited.

  3. These are fabulous projects, love the die cut fence... now you're making me feel bad that I didn't do anything fun for Ben's teacher...

  4. Oops, wrong account... oh well, you'll know it was me!

  5. Your baby is growing up - you know you are one of those moms that all the teachers hope to get - one with a darling daughter easy to teach with a mom who gives great teacher gifts!!

  6. Oh my, you have such a big girl now. I predict that she will be driving in the next year or so. Don't laugh, I assure you this is the way it happens.

    Congratulations Miss Hadley! You will LOVE first grade and be the cutest girl in the whole class!

    Jen - your teachers gifts are about the cutest I have ever seen. Absolutely adorable!!

  7. I love the picket fence die on the tag!! Very cute!!

  8. Adorable tags but not as adorable as that new little first grader!

    Ours is going into the 3rd grade and this Nana is not ready to see her grow so fast...and she speaks Latin too!

  9. For starters, I love the petunia pots! Super idea! And I also have to agree that the time has flown by. Our little ones aren't so little any more! Hadley, you are such a beauty on the inside and out!


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