Wednesday, August 17, 2011

teacher bags

You thought I moved to another planet, right? I do feel a little like I did! One in which the time/space continuum moves at warp speed.... *sigh*
I did MAKE something...finally! I borrowed the teacher's apple set from my friend, Cindy so that I could stamp 150 (yes, you read that right) bags for back to school gifts for the staff. (Did I mention I'm now co-chair of hospitality? *heavy sigh*). We'll be putting water bottles & granola bars, or something of the sort in the bags...
Yes, I know I didn't stamp the leaf- I mentioned 150, right?! 
 And I've got these two sweet girls here to play with my sweet girl- They turn 9 (NINE!!!!) on Monday. I remember their birth like yesterday- I should say better than yesterday, as I don't really remember yesterday at all! ha!
They really liked Hadley's hair, so they're sporting short locks now too!
Now don't forget to head over to May Arts- there are a couple of giveaways going on- so check them out!!! (not to mention great inspiration!)
Thanks so much for stopping by! I'll have something more to share soon... I hope!


  1. 150? You are a saint. Great bags, I'm sure your teachers will love them.

  2. Such a great "welcome back" for the teachers. And to think that you stamped 325 - oh wait, that's me that exaggerates. It was very thoughtful of you to stamp 150 - that's a BUNCH! You will be great as co-chair of the hospitality committee!

    And those are three very stylish young ladies!

  3. Cuties! What a thoughtful thing to do!

  4. You are awesome! The teachers are so lucky to get such a cute and thoughtful gift.


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