Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's almost Thanksgiving!!!

And boy do I have a lot to be grateful for...!
I made our cranberry sauce today- isn't this just the prettiest?

it's NOTHING compared to how yummy it is once it looks like this:

do you make your cranberry sauce? it's a fave at our table- made with apple cider/juice & cinnamon...mmmmm.
And how cute is this person? She was so excited that it was snowing she had to get out there before she even got dressed!! (yes, she did get dressed & go out again later....!)

And this was this guys first taste of the stuff... I think he loved it! He loved chasing snowballs & then digging around for them!
Today was also my Dad's birthday!! Happy Birthday, DAD!!!! He's seriously awesome!!!!
So much to be grateful for... hope you're counting your blessings!
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  1. Oh Jen...I remember snow although not with that much glee as an adult. How precious that your angel is in her ppj's! Isn't if fun to watch children and puppies enjoy life?

    I make my own cranberry sauce as well...more beautiful than rubies.

  2. Seems too early for snow! Glad to see your "critters" are happy to be in it!! I've never made cranberry sauce but my mom makes homemade applesauce all through the fall and it is so warm, cinnamon-y and delicious!!

  3. Your cranberry sauce looks yummy. I've never made it, but it sounds really good.

    It looks like Hadley and Cosmo are having a great time in the snow. I'm so not ready for snow.

  4. Ohh, look at your snow! And your baby and your puppy! Can't say that I'm looking forward to the late bloomer of snow that we will get here eventually. And those cranberries. Absolutely lovely. They are so beautiful. I can drive ten minutes in each direction from where I live and see cranberry marshes and to watch them harvest is utterly amazing. Hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family.

  5. Jen your cranberry sauce looks so yummy! We are usually with my in-laws for Thanksgiving so I have never made my own. I'd love the recipe! We have 6 inches of snow uo here too. The Steven and the girls are playing in it right now! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!!!


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