Sunday, August 8, 2010

Gone to the dogs....

Honestly there is a crafty post 2 posts down- but here's another one with pics....
Meet Cosmo (yes, as in Cricket, and Kosmo Kramer, and short for the delightful cocktail cosmopolitan).
Hadley's been begging for a pet since we lost our cat last year. I got her a beta fish a couple of months ago, but 'colorful sparky' wasn't really cutting it in the pet department. Cory started warning me it was coming- I guess I knew I was outnumbered.....
Yesterday we went to 'Woofstock'- an annual rescue/adoption event. The furry person we were looking for wasn't there. We looked around for quite awile & decided we'd hold out... and in walked 'clyde'. We wanted a girl. He's not one. And still, he had me at hello....

He's about 25 lbs & around 5 months old. He was rescued from Puerto Rico, so he's bilingual now. *giggle* That's his 'I was adopted at woofstock' bandana. The folks we adopted him from brought him to us last night- they wanted to check us out.... I'm good with that.
Hadley already had a tea party with him this morning!

I know, right?
So hopefully I'll get to some craftiness soon, but now you know who's keeping me busy!


  1. We adopted our dog, Lily, last June at the Humane Society and it was one of the best things we ever did for our family. She goes to bed every night with our youngest son and when he is safely asleep she comes downstairs to sleep with us. She is loving, good-natured and always ready for a romp or a nap. Enjoy your little Cosmo - what a great name!! (I tried the hamster, hermit crab, betta fish route too and ended up with the dog who is surprisingly much less hassle than the other pets were!) Congrats!!

  2. Umm hmmm, way to cute! Love the picture of your girle with the new pup. He looks like a character for sure!

  3. I couldn't see him in the email pic because it was too big. What a sweetheart he is!

  4. I had a feeling that Cosmo would be "warming up" to Miss Hadley right quick. And it looks like he did. haha

    I love the pics of him sleeping - too funny.

    Enjoy the newest member of your family - there's plenty of time to craft. I bet he'll make a great crafting companion.

  5. What a cute little booper (that's baby pooper for us puppy mommy's..heehee). Oh my gawd....I can't get over him sleeping like that in his crate. He's obviously loving his wonderful new home and family!! Congrats wonderful lady!!

  6. Jen,

    Your blog is really quite lovely! In addition to checking you out online I also wanted to thank you for the sweet comment you left on the Paper Crafts blog. I've been taking your advice and writing little things down about my baby boy...thanks for the tip!

    Loves, Brandy J.

  7. Oh my goodness you are going to love your dog! So fun! I can't wait to see more pictures!

  8. To stinkin cute!! I bet your having lots of fun with your new puppy. They do have a way of keeping you busy.


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