Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Soldered pendant with May Arts...

I have a soldered pendant I put together to show you! I've used graphic 45 for one side, and the girls' paperie for the other.

That little 'fancy' sticker is girls' paperie too!

I strung it on some gorgeous May Arts silk ribbon. I started with black, but look how much the look is changed when I switched to the pink, and then the white silk ribbon!

I'd love to hear your thoughts...! And if you have a minute (hahaha- do any of us have a spare?) head over to the May Arts blog & leave a little note about my post over there- I would REALLY appreciate it!!!! (did that sound like begging? well, if it didn't it should have!!)
Thanks for stopping by! :D


  1. Oh My Perfection!! I love it and the different ribbons really does change them up don't they?

    I haven't fulfilled my promise to you yet, I'm sorry. Soon. Works tough and I've been there late each night but tomorrow is my last day of the week and then I'm all yours.

    Can you come help me haul my junk back into my kitchen? Please? Pretty please?

  2. Oh Jen, this is stunning, so beautiful and I agree the looks really do change with the different ribbon. Off to May Arts!

  3. Jen these are FANTASTIC!!! GORGEOUS!

  4. These are beautiful Jen!! Love the ribbon and all your images!

  5. Pretty! And let me say, they are ALL pretty, but the one with the pink ribbon makes my heart smile. So girly and vintagey. (How do you spell vintagey? Is it even a word?)

    Now, I gotta scoot. I'm making a trip to May Arts. *wink*

  6. So pretty. The pink ribbon is my favorite.

  7. I loved being a recipient of this beautiful "swimsuit girl" necklace my friend. Thank you again. I have received many comments already and have worn it every day since I've gotten it from you! Love you!


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