Sunday, September 12, 2010

You can do it at a trot....

You can do it at a gallop!

You can do it real slow....

So your heart won't palpitate!
Just don't be late!
Do the Puyallup!
In case you can't tell- we did the Puyallup Fair on Friday!

We met up with our friends Tanya & Ava!

Checked out the animals...

Pioneer farm (yes, I am even more in love with my washer & dryer)

and my tub of butter that comes from the grocery store!

The girls did the rides...

made some music...

wouldn't be the fair without fair food!
We obviously had a ton of fun!! My girl could do the rides ALL DAY LONG and be happy! She can't wait until she's tall enough to go on the BIG roller coaster!!!!!!!


  1. What an awesome time they had! Makes me wish my guys were little again! Nothing like a fall fair.

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog Jen. It looks like you all had a fantastic time at the fair. Lovely photos!

  3. Hi Jen, I have loved reading your comments on my blog, thank you for all of the kind words.
    This fair looks great, love the pioneer eperience. Your daughter is so brave! mine would never go on those rides!

  4. Oh boy! These pictures of the girls and all the fun they had make me smile big! What a fun day! Love you guys!


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